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  • The Old Me in a New Year

    Christmas is the one time of the year when my entire family makes the biggest effort to get together. You would be amazed at the time and energy we spend throughout the year to plan one week of vacation. Everyone weighs in to pick a location, flights are booked months in advance, hours are spent pursuing reviews on to pick the best accommodations and an extensive menu of our favorite holiday foods is amassed on a Google document and shared with each member for review. We then board planes, trains, buses and cars and brave snow, rain, wind and fog to gather together and share where life has taken us in the last 51 weeks.
  • Stop the Madness! Bringing Merry Back to Christmas.

    Is it just me or does it seem like the older you get the less illustrious the holiday season becomes? I remember celebrating Christmas as a child. As the oldest of three, raised by a single mother, I realized very early on that being able to afford Christmas gifts was a luxury, not an entitlement. Money was tight and I was under no illusion of who “Santa” really was, because it was my mother who worked very hard to make sure there were gifts under the tree for each one of us, year after year.
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