With Maturity Comes Responsibility - CD

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With Maturity Comes Responsibility - CD
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From the time we are very young, we are motivated by the desire to get older. We want to mature beyond the place we find ourselves and begin to enjoy the privileges of age. We want to become more independent, to make our own decisions, to drive a car or buy a home. But getting older brings along a host of things we might not be prepared for. The fact is, with maturity comes responsibility. “With Maturity Comes Responsibility” is a two-part series by A. R. Bernard. Taped in two sessions before a live CCC audience, Bernard teaches that when God wants to take us to new levels of maturity it requires brand new levels of responsibility on our part. It’s all a part of “growing up” in our relationship with Him. In this series you’ll also learn how God measures spiritual growth, why “entitlement thinking” is immature thinking and the important presence of strong faith in mature Christians. This two-part series reminds us that although growing up means more freedom and more choices, those freedoms and choices come with a price. More will be expected of us and more responsibility will be placed on our shoulders. This series is a critical part of any growing Christian’s library. “Maturity does not come with age. It begins with the acceptance of responsibility…responsibility for your words, your thoughts, your motives, and your actions.”

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