Where the Rubber Meets the Road - DVD

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road - DVD
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IT'S EASY TO BELIEVE THAT OUR LIFE CAN BE TRANSFORMED just by hearing a passionate sermon or experiencing an intimate time of worship-but that's simply not the case. Insightful seminars and conferences are only part of the transformation process. A deep spiritual experience may jump-start change, but true, lasting transformation will only occur as we walk out our normal, everyday lives. Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Finding Lasting Transformation in Everyday Life by A. R. Bernard is four-part series that will encourage you to find God, and His transforming power, not in the raises emotions of an exciting church service, but in the routines of daily living like going to work, raising your children and relating to your spouse. In this series, A. R. Bernard will teach you the importance of keeping the seven elements of life in their proper balance, how seeking Him first guarantees perspective, attitude and transformation and how God uses the mundane things in life to transform you into the person He's designed you to be. This four part series will help you find the genuine life transforming power that God has waiting for you every single day.

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