Unsurpassing Rule of God - CD

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Unsurpassing Rule of God - CD
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The newscasts today are filled with so much bad news-war, famine, natural disasters, moral failure, and worse. It's enough to make you wonder what's going to happen next. But we don't have to know what the future holds because we know the ONE WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE! Our God is sovereign God. We may not always understand His ways but that doesn't make them any less powerful or effective. His rule and reign are complete and not dependent upon our understanding. The good news for us is that the incomparable power of His reign is available to us as a free gift. "The Unsurpassing Rule of God" by A. R. Bernard teaches you about God's sovereignty and why it's so important to us as believers. This teaching will show you how to embrace the powerful favor of God in your life. The benefit of God's sovereignty is His favor in your life! Once you understand His sovereignty you will have the assurance that no matter what you see or hear or feel...God is greater and He has everything under control! In "The Unsurpassing Rule of God," A. R. Bernard will teach you the definition of sovereignty and why it's so important, the three things that the apostle Paul prayed for us to know and the necessity of wisdom and revelation to the believer.

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