Unhealthy Anonymous By dr. Pete Sulack

Unhealthy Anonymous By dr. Pete Sulack

Today, we face a pandemic of chronic, lifestyle diseases that were hardly around a century ago. It is said that these diseases—cardiovascular disease, cancer, autism, dementia, auto-immune deficiencies—will affect four out of five Americans in their lifetimes! Can you prevent this?

Yes. You can change your life. It’s not about fad diets or complicated workout programs. It’s more than New Year’s resolutions and taking special supplements. Living healthy is all about your daily decisions.

In Unhealthy Anonymous, America’s leading stress expert, Dr. Pete Sulack, gives you 12 easy-to-follow steps that will transform your health, your body, and your energy.

You will:

  • Follow the 12-step process and feel the revolutionary results
  • Recognize how toxic stress is to your health and learn how to overcome it
  • Discover how joy, movement, and rest are vital to a healthy lifestyle
  • Prepare nutritious and delicious, easy-to-cook meals in under 30 minutes
  • Get easy, convenient plans to integrate healthy choices into your everyday life

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