Strategies for Spiritual Opposition - DVD

Strategies for Spiritual Opposition - DVD

Your FAITH is the very foundation on which your relationship with God is built. The devil knows this and that’s why his real target is always your faith. If he can successfully capture and destroy your faith then he’s got you. But there is hope! You can repel his attack! Introducing a new message by A. R. Bernard, Strategies for Spiritual Opposition. This timely message will teach you critical keys to understanding what the enemy is really after. You’ll learn the five D’s of the devil’s strategy…
• Doubt
• Discouragement
• Diversion
• Defeat
• Delay

…and how you can successfully do battle against each of them! Understanding your enemy’s strategy is always the first step to victory. This message helps you understand how vital your faith is to victorious living and why the devil wants it so badly.

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