Palm Sunday - CD

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Palm Sunday - CD
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Celebrate your victory in an amazing manner as Christ celebrated His! What was Jesus doing on the palm-strewn road to Jerusalem that day so long ago? In "Waving of the Palms," A. R. Bernard helps us to understand that Jesus was celebrating His victory and bringing us to our own celebration at the same time! Dr. Bernard lends his insight into gaining the empowering knowledge that we, too, have a victory worth celebrating. In this teaching you will discover the amazing manner in which Jesus took center stage that day, securing our triumph in the process. With his extensive research, Dr. Bernard brings understanding about the feast and significance of Jesus' act that day as well as the resemblance we bear to the Palm tree itself. He shows us that: Like the Palm tree which doesn't bear fruit until it has been planted for 6-8 years, we need to be planted in our local church if we are to bear fruit. While the Palm tree is beautiful, it is useful in countless ways. Likewise, the Christian is beautified by Christ's salvation but useful in every way! According to Psalm 92, we are to flourish like the Palm tree. With this teaching our uplifted hands in worship will forever take on new meaning as we recall the waving of the Palm branches and the celebration of our victory over sin, sickness, and poverty!

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