Pain Must Have Purpose - CD

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Pain Must Have Purpose - CD
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There’s a lie circulating among Christians today—a lie that is causing widespread confusion and destruction. This mistruth tells us that if you follow certain formulas, you will never have to suffer…you’ll never have to experience the pain that others go through. All you have to do is follow the formula. But the apostle Paul tells us that we have to “share in His suffering.” Jesus Himself tells us that as long as we’re in this world, we will have tribulation. It’s not a popular message, but pain and suffering are a part of life. However, Jesus has overcome the world and He wants to bring purpose to the pains of life that we all pass through. In this message, Pain Must Have Purpose: Understanding the Fellowship of His Suffering, A. R. Bernard reveals that coming to grips with the purpose of pain and suffering in this life is one of the critical pathways to growth in the life of a mature Christian. Pain Must Have Purpose will help you understand… Why suffering is a necessary part of God’s plan, why the Israelites of Jesus’ day had such a hard time accepting Him and why we have to share in His suffering if we want to share in His glory. “In order to experience His glory, we must be willing to share in His suffering.”

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