Ordering Your Life - Pt 1-4 CD

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Ordering Your Life - Pt 1-4 CD
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Our lives are governed by a set of laws that God has established in this earth. It makes no difference whether or not you choose to believe in those laws, they still apply. If we want order in our lives we must understand the laws that God has set in motion. "Ordering Your Life" by A. R. Bernard will help you grasp the importance of these laws. God's immutable laws of Light and Darkness, Blessing and Cursing, Order and Chaos will come alive to you when you listen to this inspiring message.  This message will teach you how God's order is accomplished by following His laws, why what you believe is ultimately more important than what you do, how to allow God's laws to work for you instead of against you.  This message will inspire you to choose God's way and not man's. God provides a system of laws designed to bring divine order to the chaos and dysfunction we all experience in day to day living. Don't endure another day without understanding! This timely message will help you find the order you seek in your life by following the laws of God. "The laws of the universe, set in motion by God and governed by a system of order, work whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. When we choose to follow the laws, we will find order."

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