Maximizing Your Value - MP3 Download

Maximizing Your Value - MP3 Download

Are you ready to cut through the fog and find your way out of the chronic shortcomings that have hindered your progress on this journey called life?  If you have suppressed weaknesses you know about yourself…if you’ve blamed others for your own problems…if you’re ready to step up to excellence in every area of your life, you need the practical wisdom you will find in this teaching series by D.R. Bernard.  Learn why you failed in the past and prepare yourself to make the necessary corrections that will bring you future success.


  • How to increase your value and worth in the marketplace.
  • How to effectively implement four time-tested core values.
  • How the power of purpose energizes your gifts, talents and abilities.
  • The vital ingredient that keeps you cutting-edge competent and productive.
  • And much more!

Properly applied to your personal situation, this series will fire your imagination, introduce you to God’s supernatural success strategies, and empower your purpose. Picture yourself on a level too few ever attain—discovering you destiny –with God as your best friend and business partner.

If you purchase on one personal development series this year, Maximizing Your Value, the Power of Godly Increase…Is The One!

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