Luna and the Big Blur By Shirley Day

Luna and the Big Blur By Shirley Day

Luna the Tuna, with glasses on her nose…

It's bad enough having a weird name — now, to make matters worse, Luna has to wear glasses! But what happens if she doesn't? Find out as Luna discovers to appreciate herself and her glasses after a day of silly mishaps.

Many kids have to wear glasses to see properly. For most kids, the realization that their eyesight isn’t perfect is a blow to their self-esteem—and they feel different from other kids who don’t have to wear glasses. On top of that, getting used to wearing glasses can be challenging. Glasses may feel uncomfortable at first. It may also be hard for kids to figure out how or when to use them for certain fun activities like swimming or playing softball. Even when kids choose their own glasses, the frames can still feel like a huge obstacle in their daily lives.

Luna and the Big Blur acknowledge kids’ feelings of sadness, discomfort, and being different while reminding them of the importance of wearing their glasses. They’ll laugh and have fun with Luna as she sets out on her adventures. And they will learn, as Luna does, that they are very special, with or without their glasses.

This updated edition has a Note to Parents by ophthalmologist David F. Plotsky, MD, filled with psychological, practical, and medical information on how to help kids cope with wearing glasses.

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