Life in the Gap - CD

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Life in the Gap - CD
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Everyone knows that there is tension in this world—on the job, in relationships, in parenting, even the tension of rush hour traffic. Stress relief has become a multi-million dollar industry in our society today. But did you realize that tension is a very real part of the Christian experience?
Think about it…there is a tension between living in the world but not of the world. There is a tension between truth and love, between mercy and judgment, even between choosing what is best for the group and for the individual. As Christians, we must navigate this tension every single day. But now there’s a way to better understand this conflict. “Life in the GAP: Navigating the Tension Between the Ideal and the Real,” a new message from A. R. Bernard, will help you chart a successful course through this gap of uncertainty.
This message will teach you…  

• The difference between self-concept and self-esteem
• The major areas of tension that all Christians must navigate
• How the fall of man affected the image of God
• And much more!

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