Changing Your Framework - CD

Christian Cultural Center

Changing Your Framework - CD
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We live in confusing times. As Christians, it’s difficult to know what to think or what side to take. With issues like racism, war, and politics highlighting every newscast, where should we take our stand? In this incredibly unique and timely Resurrection Sunday message, A.R. Bernard draws a parallel between current day social issues and the oft-forgotten Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. What was so important about that day? What was it like to experience Good Friday without the perspective of Easter Sunday? A. R. Bernard masterfully reaches back into history to help bring clarity to the issues of our day. Change Your Framework: Finding a New Perspective on the Issues of Our Day will help you understand that God has a plan—nothing just happens. God is in control! “God is doing something in our nation and He is using His church to lead it!”

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