BODY BUILDER: 8 SIMPLE STEPS... by Antony L. Pelella

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BODY BUILDER: 8 SIMPLE STEPS... by Antony L. Pelella
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“The BodyBuilder” by Anthony L. Pelella - Growing up in Brentwood during the 70’s, I watched my dad train. In Valley Stream during the 80‘s, I started training with him. It was these training sessions and thousands more throughout the years that I have gleaned many of the valuable lessons that I write about in my book. There are two passions that have been in my heart for more than half my life; weight training and being a follower of Christ. With all the experience I had gleaned from both areas I decided that the two just looked to close to one another to be ignored. I have been living on Long Island for 41years and have been a pastor in Medford Long Island going on 17 years. I felt in my heart a strong desire to write about these two passions and use them to show the gospel message in a way that the average guy or gal at the gym could easily relate to.
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