Basic Training - DVD

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Basic Training - DVD
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Basic Training: Life Lessons with God will give you crucial information for building a successful and prosperous life. A. R. Bernard explains how understanding a few key principles along with personal discipline and application will naturally produce a life that is truly satisfying as well as rewarding. Some of the life lessons include why you have to learn to see yourself as a partner with God, how to eliminate patterns of thinking that promote low self-esteem, how you can break free from negative and self-defeating thinking, why you should ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" when certain thoughts and feelings invade your mind, the benefits and purposes of accepting responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions, how to achieve the place of maximum productivity and what is the true test of your love for God? Thessalonians will help you see the faithfulness of God and how He planned for us to have and be everything we need through our partnership with Him."  God can only give you what you are willing to take responsibility for." 

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