Audacious Power - CD

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Audacious Power - CD
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To be audacious is to be fearless, daring or unrestrained by any sense of inadequacy. We serve and AUDACIOUS God! And since we are His children, we should carry in us a sense of that audaciousness and daring. We should be fearless in the face of mystery. We should be full of faith as we step out into the unknown. Sadly, this is not always the case. Audacious Power by A. R. Bernard will teach you how to tap into the audacious power of God in order to accomplish daring goals. This unique teaching will help you to understand your relationship with your remarkable God and why He releases His power into your life in order to accomplish great things. In his message Audacious Power, Dr. Bernard will teach you the two ways God expresses His goodness toward us, the incredible series of events that take place when we simply answer His call on our lives, the power of audacious goal setting and the critical points of Paul's prayer for the Ephesians. Only when we understand the daring uniqueness of God's nature and His overwhelming love and care for us can we begin to dare. Until we know who God is and get a sense of His audacious power, we will never be able to reach for the greatness He intends for us to achieve.

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