Adopting a Positive Approach to Life - DVD

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Adopting a Positive Approach to Life - DVD
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What makes people consistently successful? Why do some find success in their lives, while others seem to struggle from one failure to the next?  What's the difference between God-given talent and strength? A. R. Bernard answers these questions and more in his series, Adopting a Positive Approach to Life...Developing Your Strengths-Managing Your Weaknesses. In this teaching, you will walk through a careful character study of the lives of Gideon, David, and Joseph that will help you understand the progression that takes you from discovering your talents, then developing your strengths, and finally finding your right setting.  You will learn why it's so important to manage your weaknesses and avoid focusing on them, without ignoring them. In this four-part teaching series you'll learn the difference between strengths and talents, why some people are never able to fully develop your strengths, questions you can ask yourself to help you discover your strengths and the seeds of personal greatness that you carry inside. Take your focus off of your weaknesses and learn to live life from a "strength perspective!"

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