Inspire for Teachers By Dr. Josie Carr

Inspire for Teachers By Dr. Josie Carr

Inspire your favorite teacher with poignant scriptural prayers and wisdom from Proverbs written and compiled by 20-year veteran educator, Dr. Josie Carr. Busy teachers need a break and Inspire for Teachers is just the thing.

You Make the Difference!

Mentoring kids, preparing lessons, grading tests, discipline! Teaching is a big responsibility, but you do not have do it alone. Your Heavenly Father can help. Inside this little book, discover uplifting, positive prayers and promises filled with Scriptures and God's wisdom from Proverbs.

Executive Director of Christian Education and author, Dr. Josie Carr writes from over 20 years of experience and she knows how valuable faith can be, especially for teachers! Find personal prayers on important topics such as confidence, protection, and unity as well as prayers specifically for your students including academic excellence, dealing with rebellion, and building self-esteem. Plus, a special section from Proverbs is included to give you God's wisdom on relationships, health, financial decisions, and more!

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