Father and His family By E.W. Kenyon

Father and His family By E.W. Kenyon
Kenyon covers the reason for creation, man's treason, the dominion of death, man's need for a mediator, the sin-bearer, the new birth, the family of God, the household of God, claiming your rights, and many more topics.

While many of these truths are expounded by many writers, few have communicated them as simply, as eloquently, and as lovingly as E.W. Kenyon.

This book is an unveiling of the Plan of Redemption and should be read and studied by every child of God. As in all of Dr. E. W. Kenyon's books, deep and profound truths are presented in a clear and simple way that will astound you. As you read and re-read this book, the Bible will unfold to you, and the Word of God will become a living reality! Ministers –– many with long and illustrious preaching careers –– have told us that after reading and meditating upon the truths unfolded in this book that many truths they have preached upon in theory, suddenly became real to them. 

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