40 Days in the Man Cave by Todd Stahl

40 Days in the Man Cave by Todd Stahl

A man needs another man to talk to him about the deep stuff... Todd Stahl is that man, and 40 Days in the Man Cave is that straight talk. It s clear, fair, honest, and true. 

 40 Days in the Man Cave challenges guys to be quiet and still each day, to pause and reflect and listen, then make adjustments and move ahead with energy and excitement for what lies ahead.

 To be healthy both emotionally and spiritually, we need food. Guys love to eat! Spiritual food for our mind and soul is as vital as food for our body. Todd Stahl challenges men to give God the time to read one of these devotions each day in their man cave.

Are you ready for the 40 Day Challenge? Sign up at takethe40daychallenge.com!

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