The Life of God - DVD

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The Life of God - DVD
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What do you believe? Why do you believe it? Can you answer those two basic questions about your faith? It's one thing to answer questions put to you by people who believe as you do, but God has called us to share our lives with those who don't think or act as we do. When you're asked difficult questions by unbelievers, how does your faith hold up? Can you give solid, concrete answers or do those tough queries rattle your faith? "The Life of God, A Study of the Building Blocks of Faith" by A. R. Bernard will help you stand strong against the skepticism so prevalent in today's culture by helping you shore up your spiritual foundation. These four insightful messages will teach you the basic tenets of our Christian faith like the virgin birth, original sin, salvation, and the sovereignty of God, why a strong spiritual foundation is critical to a fulfilling and satisfying life, that the true "soundness of a building is judged by its foundation, and our spiritual soundness is judged in the very same way. Whether you've walked with God for a few days or a few decades, this series is a tool to help you to inspect your spiritual foundation for telltale cracks. Don't wonder about these foundational truths any longer. Know the TRUTH. It's the TRUTH that sets you free! "God's Word comes to heal me and deliver me. But I can't be healed and delivered if I don't understand what His Word says. Understanding is key to our foundation!"

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