The Gift of Access - DVD

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The Gift of Access - DVD
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In the New Testament, Luke relates the story of the immoral woman who came uninvited to a dinner party at the home of Simon the Pharisee. Jesus was the guest of honor at the dinner, and the woman had the audacity to wash the feet of Jesus with her tears as she wept! Then she dried them with her hair! And last, she anointed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume. This powerful story of God’s limitless grace and forgiveness comes alive in this message by A. R. Bernard entitled “The Gift of Access: Understanding the Depth of Your Forgiveness.” Dr. Bernard brings out pearls of spiritual wisdom with which we can all readily identify. In The Gift of Access you will learn the importance of gratitude, the correlation between forgiveness and gratitude, why we all need redemption in our lives and the beautiful contrast of law and grace. Your understanding of how much you’ve been forgiven becomes the basis for your love for God!

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