Servant Leadership Balanced Ministry - DVD

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Servant Leadership Balanced Ministry - DVD
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The last night that Jesus spent on this earth was undoubtedly His longest. What began with an intimate dinner with His disciples in the Upper Room and continued throughout the painful prayer in the Garden, His trial and conviction, and finally His torture and death on the Cross all combined to indeed make this His longest night. But throughout that difficult night, Jesus set an example of leadership for all of us to follow. In this insightful two-part teaching entitled, “Servant Leadership and Balanced Ministry: Lessons in Leadership from Jesus’ Last Night on Earth,” A. R. Bernard unlocks powerful truths that will help you understand leadership from God’s perspective. In Servant Leadership and Balanced Ministry, Dr. Bernard will show you the three tests of leadership, the one temptation every leader will face…and how to resist it, the powerful connection in God’s kingdom between servants and leaders, the difference between the theology of person and the theology of place and how Jesus changed an entire community by changing a single man, with impact that continues to this day! What kind of leader are you? Are you a leader who serves or a servant to whom God gives opportunities to lead?

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