Reset Your Mindset - CD

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Reset Your Mindset - CD
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Did you realize that your behavior is governed by your expectations? Did you know that your expectations can only be managed by a positive mindset? The problem, of course, is that many of us over the years have adopted a wrong or negative mindset. Like a computer that needs to be reset to the original settings designed by the manufacturer...we too need to reset our minds according to the original design of God! In this three-part series, A. R. Bernard will define what a mindset actually is and why your attitude will ultimately determine the course of your life. A. R. Bernard will show you the power of expectations, the dangerous aspects of Abraham's blessing and the real target of Satan that we all carry with us. Your purpose in this life will never be fully realized until you adopt a positive mindset based on God's Word and His will for your life-realistic expectations and positive behavior will naturally follow. Talent, skill, and education are all very important, but they will only take you so far in this life. A positive mindset is required to fulfill everything God has planned for you.

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