Passion - CD
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Jesus said that in this world we would have tribulation (John 16:33). There are forces intent on opposing us at every turn. Surely you've noticed that the moment you try to apply your faith, doubt creeps in. The moment you decide to go on a fast, hunger is waiting. When you've made the decision to give, you are tempted to be stingy. In Passion: The Power to Experience God's Promises!, A. R. Bernard explains that you need PASSION to keep you on track. It takes PASSION to generate the perseverance you need in order to take hold of the promises of matter how long that process may take. By using the truths gleaned from the Old Testament life of Caleb, A. R. Bernard teaches how PASSION produces perseverance, withstands pressure, defines purpose, utilizes pressure and leads to possession. Be more than just a strong starter. Become an AUDACIOUS finisher! Develop the PASSION it takes to possess all of God's promises for your life.

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