Finding Your Balance - CD

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Finding Your Balance - CD
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It's a fact that shallow preaching only creates a shallow and immature church. But there are two things that bring depth and strength to the church and to us as individuals: The fear of the Lord and the compassion of the Holy Spirit. In this series, A. R. Bernard helps bring definition and clarity to this difficult balance between the fear of the Lord (His righteous judgment) and the compassion of the Holy Spirit (His mercy). Entitled, Finding Your Balance: Discovering the Key of Life, this series will teach you: the definition of "the Fear of the Lord", the eight things Proverbs associates with a healthy fear of the Lord, how a balanced life brings revival and the five key elements of revival. If you want true revival and renewal in your life, you will need to be able to find the healthy balance between the fear of God and His compassion. Finding Your Balance will help you do just that! "Anything taken to the extreme becomes error...even truth. But balance is the key of life! We must become a balanced people, a balanced church!"

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