A Life of Purpose - DVD

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A Life of Purpose - DVD
  • $25.00

Have you ever noticed that everything is better when it's organized around purpose? Once a purpose is in place and goals have been set, life takes on meaning and direction like never before. When you are disciplined in your purpose, God's calling on your life will begin to take you to the next level? God is calling all of us to the next level...where we are to live intentionally based on His purpose and calling for our life. A Life of Purpose, Living a Meaningful Life, by A. R. Bernard, is a four-part teaching series that will show you the importance of living intentionally, of having a plan and knowing God's purpose for your life. In this series you will learn why positive thinking alone will not help you live intentionally, the importance of God's spirit dwell in you and the five purposes God has for His church...and for YOU! This four-part series will teach you that real life transformation comes when you discover your purpose and begin to live your life intentionally!

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