A Glorious Mystery - DVD

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A Glorious Mystery - DVD
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Jesus teaches us in the book of Matthew that spiritual things simply are not understood by everybody. The fact is, spiritual things are hard to grasp and can only truly be comprehended by the Spirit. That’s why God’s Holy Spirit is the only key we have to unlock the hidden truths of His kingdom. As Christians, it’s vital for us to understand God’s mysterious kingdom—its laws, its values, and priorities. There are clues buried throughout scripture—in the teachings of Jesus and in the parables He told. But the sad thing is, many people don’t understand. To comprehend God, you must be able to grasp the truths found in His Word. That’s why God sent His Holy Spirit to help light the path for you. This message, by A. R. Bernard, will help you know how to unlock the secrets of the kingdom. You’ll be able to feel yourself grow and mature as you receive this powerful teaching. When you listen to A Glorious Mystery you’ll learn about. The revealer of the mysteries of God’s kingdom. God’s purpose for evil in this world. The difference between innocence and perfection. The enormous gulf between your mind and your spirit…and why your mind must be renewed in order for understanding to begin. To live in God’s kingdom, you must understand His kingdom. This message will teach you how to unlock the secrets! “God hid His wisdom in a tragedy called the crucifixion and buried in that man on that cross was the salvation of the entire human race!”

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